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    Globe At Home Prepaid - Deactivated SIM


      We bought a globe at home prepaid wifi last march march as a backup due to the maintenance of telephone line in our area. We haven't used the globe prepaid wifi since may. Now that I need to use it again, I found out that the SIM is deactivated.


      I called customer service and I was told that I should bring the unit at a globe store near me in order for the sim to be replaced with a new one. But to my dismay, the customer service representative at the globe store told me that letting the SIM to be deactivated is equal to voiding the warranty. He also told me that my option is to buy another sim but I will not be able to subscribe to the homesurf promo which is exclusive to the home prepaid wifi or I should buy another unit.


      Basically, I was being told that I should spend more, that is, I should keep buying prepaid load or buy a new prepaid unit in order for me to keep the "PRIVILEGE" of using the homesurf promo. Now I have a USELESS prepaid unit at hand.


      I have been a loyal customer of globe postpaid since 2010 and this is very disappointing. I am planning to file a complaint before the NTC. Does anyone have the same problem?lanning to file a complaint before the NTC. Does anyone have the same problem?