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    3G possible, or blocked, for Globe at home postpaid with weak 4G signal?


      LTE has very weak signal here, even with directional Yagi antenna we get 1 bar.  3G is much stronger. The original Globe at Home modem does not allow 3G, so we tried other Huawei modems. We cannot get 3G to work with this Globe at Home prepaid SIM, but it works with my regular cell phone SIM card.
      Is there any trick, certain APN, login settings or does Globe successfully block 3G for that SIM card?


      I know, we are outside the originally contracted area in a mountainous area in Malasag, outside Cagayan de Oro proper.
      I know, officially this service works only in a certain downtown apartment it was contracted for, but it DID work in Manila, Cebu, Pampanga and more places, in 4G.



      Are there other options to increase 4G signal? We will increase the antenna up to 60 feet height, I consider buying a booster/repeater but I am not sure if these work for really weak signals. Anyone has practical experience with sensitive repeaters/boosters?


      Thank you for your patience




      LTE Signal Status



      Service status:

      Valid service











      CELL ID:

      0142197 - 012

      Roaming status:


      modem model: Huawei B315s-938 (Globe home broadband)

      default apn: internet.globe.com.ph

      location description: uptown/uphill, lots of trees(really lots of trees), low signal, less neighbors, far from local towers

      tried other apn: athome.globe.com.ph

      tried other modem: Huawei B593 CPE