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    bill adjustment problem



      I am not sure if I could get help here.

      I already lost contact with the service on Messenger:


      It's been 4 days since I tried to contact the service.


      Here is my problem.

      On Aug.28th, I asked for account suspension during Sep. 2nd~Oct.1st because I would not be in Philippines during this period. Soon I was told the setting was done. However, right after I got the notification of the setting, I lost my internet access. I tried everything and checked all, but it didn't work. I contacted the service to check if they made mistake on the setting. However, they told me they did the right setting.


      After I did all I could, I could not get my internet. After making several calls, 2 days later (Aug 30th) a guy came to my place. He did all the checking, tried to replace with new router, and even checked the hub/router in the building, nothing changed. Finally the guy told me he could not solve it after working for almost 2 hours at my place.

      As I would leave on 2 days later (Sep 1st), I gave up and told the service to make sure my account would be suspended during Sep. 2nd~Oct.1st.



      I was told the bill could be adjusted when I received it.

      Several days ago I received my bill but I am charged in full payment. Now I lost contact with them. I don't think phone call could make everything clear.

      Now I hope:

      1. somebody from Globe could help me to handle this problem

      2. the service was really bad when I got problem. While I lost my internet access, usually I need to wait for several hours to get a reply from the service on Messenger. And recently I got no reply any longer. What a bad service even I paid so much every month. You know, the internet cost is very expensive here. I don't expect fantastic service. I just hope I could get normal service. Hope Globe could do something to it.