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    New Globe DSL bundle customer, trying hard to get the Netflix promo


      So we signed up for globe dsl, the 1699 package the paper says it includes netflix. We have called multiple times, followed up by phone many times, yet cant seem to get the netflix promo we were promised by globe . Last we reached an agent that linked it to a place on the site to fill in our account and details that says we would be contacted in 24 to 48 hours, but nothing happened  So i called and they said 24 hours, nothing again


      Why is it so hard to get the promo that i was offered? its the whole reason i signed up, i was given reference number 1539656194093 a few days ago but nothing has happened.


      Please find someone at globe to email us the netflix activation to the email address listed on our account. Its far too much trouble we are going through to sign up for the promo you guys are offering.