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    Confusing iPhone XS Application process?


      Globe seems to not have a clear set of steps when it comes to pre-ordering a phone. I've had my postpaid account for 12 months, which is supposed to be the tenurity required to charge to bill the cashout amount (confirmed by their hotline).


      But when I tried applying for an increase in credit limit in a store, I was told that charge to bill option is only for accounts which are 24 months old and only if users changed their mind after paying downpayment? And that credit limit of 4k is only for those earning 50k and up.


      What's the real process, Globe? According to their website you can avail the 3,799 monthly bill for iPhone XS if you are recontracting.

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          You can try calling 211 or 7301300 and have your plan recontracted. it’s swift and hassle free. Just make sure ask a whole lot of questions to avoid miscommunication.


          I was able to recontract last Feb 2017 with CTB (charge to bill) iPhone 7 with 1 yr and 2 months tenure and that’s also through 7301300. Let me know if this helps.


          PS. When I recontracted for iPhone XS, they automatically processed the increase of my credit limit even tho my salary isnt 50k and it’s approved right away. I think one thing they consider aside from the salary is your credibility in paying your bill (if you settle your payment on or before due date).