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      HI. I am new to this forum and I just want to know if you are experiencing the same

      I have been complaining about the following

      1. Rude CSR of the globe (talking while the customer is talking that is why they cannot do the report well)

      2. Services of Globe (if you subscribe in any top of the bill like GO SURF you will receive 6-9 message with the same message content (take note the one of CSR what me to monitor my own subscription saying that they could not check it or monitor it in their system)

      3. Promises of CSR and Supervisor (They will always say that they are finished making the report and that they will call after few days but even after a month or two there no text, email or phone call. They want their customers to pay on time or on the exact period the customer promise to pay and if not they will cut the line but they do not do what they promise WT??)


      If you experience the same what did you do? or What advise would you give me?

      I am sorry but it has been a month or two and I am getting frustrated. I need to call at least 3-4 times just to make sure that they really did the report or the report is correct and most of the time they do not even put ANY report and I am like a naive customer believing that the CSR is doing the report.


      I am paying sometimes 3k in a month to globe for one account. I am not rich and I think even one person could relate to me that this is not a small money I am working hard to earn money.


      I want to ask for your advise since CSR could not help me. Unfortunately, I do not have much time during weekdays to wait in line in the globe store because of the time of my work. Weekends, yes I can do it but I really want to take a break and relax.