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    My father's phone was stolen. How do I retain my father's number?


      Hello and Good evening!


      I never have thought I would register for this and this is my first post. This afternoon, my father's smartphone was stolen. I couldn't blame him though as he is a 66 year old senior with clinical depression and prone to anxiety attacks. Now my father wants to retain his prepaid TM number as his friends and family contact him through it. Most of them are often busy and my father is already comfortable with his particular cellphone number and does not want to change for fear not being able to remember it. I mean it took him long while to remember his current cellphone number so I searched around the Internet and found out that one needs Two valid ID cards and an Affidavit of Loss. Now we want to a Globe Store along with his IDs and Affidavit of Loss but the customer representative told us either we have to bring the SIM bed or have it registered for G-CASH in the first place.


      Now, me and my father are new to this. This is the first time we have something stolen from us and the first time having to go through this process. Is there really no other remedy? I was planning on having him go postpaid with the SIM but now this is becoming a real pain.

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          Gail .

          Hi patrick1991


          Sorry bout that. For change sim, if I'm not mistaken, you can have your father's sim changed at Globe Business centers with the same number (dunno if there is still charge or none) but you may have to secure an affidavit of loss and probably valid IDs of your father.


          You may also confirm this thru TM hotline at 808

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              First, for completion's sake, the number of the said TM sim is 09972281871 and was used in a Cloudfone Excite Prime 2 (Screen was cracked due to it being dropped) with IMEI of 358684082699462.


              Second, pumunta kami sa ibang Globe Store just yesterday afternoon. The one na nasa Festival Mall Alabang. Tinanggap naman nila yung aming request along with our papers, Sinabi nila that they will do their verification process of which I have no idea what they'll do exactly. Again, this is our first time doing it and some concrete information would've helped our unease.


              And lastly, my father uses that number to receive and call his friends and sibling, many of which are already abroad, He doesn't use Facebook and other social media sites so it's very important. I'm still going through with my plan to have an IDD plan with Globe but we need this specific number first so when they call we can inform them.