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    My father's smartphone was stolen. How does he retain his old TM number?


      Good evening! My name is Patrick Urtola. I am here on behalf of my 66 years old father, suffering from clinical depression and anxiety attacks, who has lost his smartphone.


      Just this afternoon unfortunately, my father had his smartphone stolen from him. Now, we immediately processed a Affidavit of Loss and had his senior ID and driver's license photocopied in order to ask for a sim replacement and to retain his old TM number ergo the Topic title.


      We went to a Globe Store in SM Sta. Rosa in Sta, Rosa, Laguna. She asked us for a sim bed or if our TM # was registered in GCASH. Now this is our first time that we had anything stolen and the first time we are going through this process so we really don't know what we are doing. Now, I am very mad that we weren't able to get our request processed because of a SIM bed and technicality. What else do they need? Do I have to report to NTC first? Do I have to file a report with the police? I thought the Affidavit of Loss and Two valid IDs are good enough. I mean I bought it for him for more than six month now. I can't believe than I'm being stonewalled because of a technicality. I'm even willing to pay what's needed.


      So, please help me out here. My father wants to keep that number so his friends and sibling can contact him, I mean the senior citizen is suffering from clinical depression here. He is suffering that and anxiety attacks due to losing his sim and smartphone.