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    About mobile games when i play its always lag


      In mobile games specially when I played Mobile Legends I always experience lag even my connection is 4g and the signal is fullbar. I knew that you were upgrade the system of your connection but in my case it got worst. I remember when you were not yet upgrade the systm my internet connection is better and I enjoy your service all day but for now I'm dissapointed to you service and I thougth all my expences is not worth it. I hope you will help me. Thank you.

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          Hey bro. I think it is not Globe to be blamed, though we know a fact that their 4g connection is congested of many many... many users, we cant blame globe. I was also an MLBB player and I quited because of lagg. In AOV, i dont experience laggs in 4g connections. Therefore, It must be the game servers of MLBB.. OR.. Your place is too congested of many globe 4g users. Or it is deff. game server congestion.