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    [Billing] Charged Twice/mo. Since May for my HOOQ Subscription


      Hi all! I would like to ask if I could have my refund amounting to a total of PHP 745.00?


      Globe was charging me twice per month on my billing since May for HOOQ; one included with my plan of choice (consumes PHP 149) and another on top, stated as "Video Subscriptions" under "Value Added Services" with another VAT for that (it was PHP 133.04 + ADD % VAT).


      I came here on community to discuss such matters since I already inquired this one a couple of times on physical stores and the concern was not addressed accordingly. I loved that app (honestly speaking) but I've already unsubscribed it upon the advise of one of the CSRs at one of the stores near me to verify my claim prior that Globe was really charging me twice for HOOQ for quite some time. Upon unsubscription, the said VAS also disappeared from my billing. Thus, confirming my hunch - Globe was charging me twice for HOOQ.


      I've tried reaching Globe through their physical stores on different branches near me, also I've tried reaching Globe privately online but still, I haven't got any definite answer regarding my inquiry.