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    Decreased browsing speed


      Hi, I'm currently registered for 1 month of unli data after 1-2 weeks of using this promo, my browsing speed decreased. I can no longer browse, use my online apps and even load any of my social media apps. Usually if you exceed the 800MB after 12 am browsing speed will go back to normal right? But in this case it has been 5-7 days and still I cannot use my data! Tried registering to a new promo which offers 2gb of data that is good for 1 week still the browsing speed is very very slow! The page i searched for usually loads after 5-10 mins or most of the time it doesn't. I've been experiencing this issue for almost 5-7 days now. Globe suggests that the issue is with my handset but I don't think so because I've already tried a different globe sim on this phone and data works great. Tried using my sim on 2 diff phones (Sony Android and iPhone) still data is not repsonding well. Need help pls asap.