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    Home Prepaid Wifi


      How to change my home prepaid wifi password?

      Thank you.

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          Kenneth Chan

          Hi, Maria. Were you able to follow the instructions on the brochure included in your Prepaid Home WiFi box?

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            In order to change the wireless network password on Wi-Fi routers, launch any browser on the device that is connected to the router - it doesn’t matter via Wi-Fi or just a cable the reason that you don't know it yourself. I already did this when I was a college student, follow my instructions or buy an essay online.

            Follow these steps:

            1. Type in the address bar

            2. At the login and password request, enter the standard admin and admin or, if you changed the password to enter the settings of the router, enter your password. Please note: this is not the password that is required to connect via Wi-Fi, although in theory they may be the same.

            3. Further, depending on the firmware version of the router, you need to find the item: “Configure manually”, “Advanced settings”, “Manual Setup”.

            4. Select "Wireless Network", and in it - the security settings.

            5. Change your Wi-Fi password, and you won't need to know the old one. If the WPA2 / PSK authentication method is used, the password must be at least 8 characters long.

            5. Save the settings.

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