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    Unstable Server Connection


      To whom it may concern:


      I called your customer hotline and waited 30 minutes just to get passed on a tech person who could possibly assist my concern but unfortunately I was only told to wait for 24 hours and I should receive a call from the technical support team but unfortunately up to this moment I haven't receive anything. So, I give it a shot here and try to find an answer and possible rectify the issue.


      This is the MTR results I collected using Globe Connection.


      Please see the screenshots

      Client to Server MTR => http://prntscr.com/lccqr7

      Server to Client MTR => http://prntscr.com/lccsha


      Server = is my application server

      Client = Globe Connection (mine)


      I brought this up here because my Globe users are having hard time connecting to my application (lag issues, disconnection, high ping, etc).


      It seems the issue happens when the traffic reaches outside of my hosting provider's network.


      If you check the "Server to Client MTR" my hosting provider's hop is "be100-2.nwk-5-a9-nj.us" which is the one located in New Jersey, when reaching IP's subnet it starts to fluctuate (which I guess around Quezon City Globe telecom's servers).


      If you check when the Client is reaching the server on "Client to Server MTR" my hosting provider notice some packet loss but it is normal to see packet loss in the hops before reaching the end point, my hosting provider's network equipments are configured in a way that they do not prioritize ICMP packet so the mtr tests can show loss but when it's going through it, it does not lose the priority.


      Hoping for your feedback.