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    Cannot play online games


      So my friends and I all have globe at home fibr plan with differing speeds and we can't even party up with each other or else we'll all get disconnected at the same time, kicked from the room one by one until only the host remains, and in some cases can't even play online at all because we all got the "Strict NAT" thing that requires some technical knowledge to solve.


      I personally have a 25mbps fibr plan and was planning on playing Tekken 7 but I am only able to find few matches and it takes a long time to find a match and this is just for a 1 on 1 match and when I get one the connection constantly gets disconnected. In Warframe, this is worse when the host ownership gets passed to me, I never get to see a lobby full because they keep getting disconnected from my lobby. Same goes when playing For Honor.


      This also happens to my friends as well who also have fibr plans, so we tried port forwarding and all other stuff but it didn't help at all. Really feels like we just wasted time and money on these since we hoped there would be no problems regarding stuff like this since we all have the same ISP and same internet plans just with different speeds.


      Can I get some technical help on this?