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    Being Charged for a Text message to 3887 ??? What the f—


      Hi! this just happened this morning. i checked my GlobeOne App and suddenly saw I was charged Php 4.62 for a text message. I am subscribed to Plan 1799, so unli text/calls to Globe and unli all net is included in my plan. I called 211 for it. The First CSR told me there was a text message to 3887 at 6:14am. I clearly remember waking up at 5:30am to check if I have any messages and went back to sleep, then woke up again at 7:30am. I told her that what i did last night was I updated my iOS and that’s it. She told me that whenever I update my iOS, the iMessage will charge me an amount. Being an Apple user for a long time, this was the most absurd thing I heard and also I was being charged for text, not data. Plus, i’m connected to our WiFi. What i wanted to ask is if some of you experience this too? I have been a loyal prepaid Globe user even before I got this postpaid plan. And one of the things I liked about Globe is that, it doesnt have hidden charges. I guess i’m proving It wrong here. CSR didn’t do any help here and also, for now I don’t have any choice but to pay that extra charge which I am not responsible of. Please reach out to me because this is not right.