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    My internet speed hasn't reset even after midnight last night. Why is that?


      I registered to GOSURFE50 and I reached the 800 MB Fair use policy cap. So I thought sure, it's my fault anyways. Then I thought that the internet will be back to normal once my current promo expires. It did expire, and I registered to a new promo called GOTSCOMBODD90, and when I tried to use my data, it is still so slow. I searched the net (through wifi ofcourse, data is freaking slow) on when does internet speed normally reset, then found out that it resets after 12 midnight. So I waited last night (11-7-2018) until midnight. I then tried to use my data internet again at 12:27 am. It was still so slow. Then I gave it the benefit of the doubt, and slept to try again at morning the next day. So I did. And I tried to use my internet again, surprise surprise. It is still so slow up to now, 11-8-2018, 9:01 am. Is there anyway to fix this? Or do I just do nothing and wait?