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    how can i changed my wifi password?


      how can i changed my wifi password?

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          Kenneth Chan

          Hi, Mercy.


          Changing your WiFi password (WPA-PSK) is real easy. You can just follow the steps that I will provide and you should be on your way. Also, I've included how to change your SSID.


          1. Open a browser go to this url:

          2. Log in your account (Using the default username and password located at the back of your modem)

          3. On the left side bar, Go to General Settings > Click WLAN settings.

          4. On the interface profile below. On the SSID, type in your desired WiFi name.

          5. Next is Security type, Select WPA2-PSK

          6. Then on WPA-PSK, Type in your desired password. It must be not less than 8 characters and not greater than    

          7. 3 characters. A-Z, 0 -9,  a-z combinations.

          8. on the WPA encryption type, select AES

          9. Then click on the submit button.

          10. Restart the device then check if the WiFi name and password are changed.

          11. Thanks for reading my instructions.


          Please take note that the default IP address, username and password may differ per modem type. Also, your modem should come with a brochure educating the steps to change your password.


          Hope this helps!



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