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    Abnormal charging/billing


      Hi Globe representative,

      I am on not data plan like GoSurf, and I turn on data whenever I need. I understand there are 2 way of charging - 2P per KB or 5P per 15 min.

      However, the billing is far from expectation. Whenever charging method I change, the balance dropped absurdly. It definitely didn't charge only by data volume or 15 min slot.

      - I keep losing balance everyday even I didn't switch on the data for days.

      - Sometimes I was charged 20+ P while can't connect to any website.

      - While only sending some text based messages, I was still charged 20+ P


      How can I access my billing history so I know how my credits are charged?

      If there is any issue not caused by me, how can I reclaim the credits?


      Thank you very much!