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    What type of fiber optic cable needed on outdoor instalation for internet line?



         I applied for Globe fiber internet which includes landline. We stayed on 5th floor of a small building with no fiber cable provision. Upon visit of Globe which that time i was not there, the technician inform my colleague that there should be a ready fiber line from our unit to junction box downstairs prior to installation. We tried negotiating asking them to install the cable then we pay but the technician did not agree.

        The important thing is that I was not able to ask the technician when i got the call on what type of fiber cable i need to install for outdoor going to our unit. The building maintenance estimated the cable to be 100 meter vs mine of 80 meters.

        Anyway, can anyone advise me on WHAT TYPE OF FIBER CABLE I NEED TO BUY FOR OUTDOOR for this internet+landline installation/application as i cannot just purchase the cable as there are too many options i've seen then the price ranges from Php20 to 150 per meter in which i needed 100 meters.

        Kindly help to advice please the fiber cable for outdoor. Intended internet speed for single line is between 10Mbps to 50Mbps max.


        Thank you in advance.


      Felix N.