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      Hi GLOBE,


      I just upgrade my wifi using your Globe Home Prepaid Wifi. I was using the old version which is just a simple huawei globe pocket wifi.

      The only concern that i have is that i want to access its other advance configuration Such as the LTE Band Frequency Steering ( Manual ) and the Update. but  there's no option on the WEB UI /


      I Have also an External Antenna installed so that my signal will be better but there's no changes because i cannot see on the options which allows me to configure the Antenna's.

      I want to get my Admin Password to do that and i want to use also the Huawei Application not the Home Prepaid application because it has alot of configuration.

      It detects your Modem however it is asking for a Admin Password.


      The Trouble Shooting that i did was.

      Factory Reset the modem 3x ( Not Working )

      Tried different Phone. Used the given default password.( not working )

      Used admin/administrator password ( not working )

      I really need my Admin Password to do my things here at home.


      MODEL : B310As-938

      IMEI :864434032922169