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    GoCallIDD unable to STOP it - pls repair this product


      I used GoCallIDD 99 but now I am unable to STOP it. Whenever I try  "GoCallIDD 99 Stop" I only get
      'Sorry, you are using another offer that cannot be used at the same time with GOCALLIDD. Please wait for it to expire or unsubscribe from it to successfully register'


      So as I need this promo to call my relatives in Germany I now have to phone them on the regular rate which is 21php per minute - and next month I will end up in the globe shop to complain and get a refund.



      I tried to STOP the service several times on different days. I even was to the globe shop today - but nothing.


      I just post this now and make a screenshot - so that I have proof that I informed globe about it - but they didn't act.


      I sure will insist on getting any php refunded that I had to spend too much !