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    Why is globe 10mbps 1,299 postpaid plan not so consistent in internet signal?


      I chose this plan thinking it would not decrease below 3mbps, because I leasrned that if I get the 5mbps plan, it would go down to 1mbps-below in actual usage. But I've noticed that the signal just got cut-off at a certain time, and you got to turn the modem off or refresh everytime it happens. Ever since the company made the system maintenance, it never really boosted anything, it seems I've had more worries that when it was newly installed. I just got newly installed last month, Nov. 7, 2018, three weeks it looked fine. Then a notice that Globe would have system maintenance, the signal after that just got erratic, no signal, refresh with signal, then no signal again. After the job order came to my home and adjusted the antenna, it looks well, no more of red lights, bar of signal isnfull but it can't connect to the net, had to refresh and start again, so annoying