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    What has Globe done to address/avoid overcharging issues their postpaid subsrcibers have experienced in the past?


      I'm a new postpaid subscriber. I have been a prepaid user all my life and I'm a little wary about all the horror stories I've been told by friends who were previous postpaid users, particularly the issue about Globe overcharging them. Their experiences are circa 2011-2015 I believe. I just started my postpaid plan this year. I'm aware Globe placed a spending limit for me wherein if I exceed my data allocation, I will only be able to use data up until that certain spending limit else, they'll cut my line (or suspend? I'm not sure of the term) until I settle it or my plan refreshes. I like the idea. I think it's useful in monitoring my data usage. But I'm not sure if it has been in placed before and if it has, then why has it provided no use to the overcharging issues back then?


      This is just a proactive inquiry. I have no experience yet whatsoever. I just want to make sure I won't be surprised by any future billing.