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    free netflix/disneylife/fox


      hi, im using globe fiber 20mbps at home 1899 plan. how can i use my free netflix/disneylife/fox? i tried going to netflix.globe.com.ph, but they are requiring cellphone number. My internet is registered to my landline number. Please help.


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          Kenneth Chan

          Hi, Mill.


          If you want to avail your free Netflix for your Globe At Home account, you can just follow these steps:


          For Netflix

          1. You should receive an email for Netflix sign-up.

          2. Click on the link and it will directs you to the netflix.globe.com.ph/promo portal

          3. You'll be redirected to the Netflix portal (www.netflix.com) to complete the registration.

          4. Just enter your email address and preferred password

          5. Then you can get access to Netflix.


          For DisneyLife

          1. You should receive an email for DisneyLife sign-up

          2. Register to the portal and key in your mobile number to receive a confirmation text.

          3. You should be able to access DisneyLife with your registered account.


          For Fox Plus

          1. You should receive an email for Fox + sign-up

          2. Click on the link and verify your details via portal.

          3. Once done, you'll be redirected to Fox + for the free trial page, create your account

          4. You can now access Fox +


          If you didn't receive any email for activation, you can always contact my colleague, Gie and ask her to resend the email.


          Hope this helps.