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    Browser Redirected To broadbandstatus2.globe.com.ph


      For the past two days I've been unable to visit any websites using my Globe DSL connection, and if I type a web address such as yahoo.com, lazada.com, or alibaba.com, my browser gets redirected to broadbandstatus2.globe.com.ph.  Unfortunately the broadbandstatus2.globe.com.ph always times out, and it never loads into my browser, and I'm unable to see the information on the broadbandstatus2.globe.com.ph page.


      Also, I can ping the above sites using my Dos Prompt, and I seem to be getting a good return averaging around 80 - 100ms, but I cannot visit any of these sites in my browser.  Additionally my throughput has been reduced (throttled) down to 42kbps, while my 1299 plan calls for up to 5mbps! -


      I called Globe tech support, and one of their persons instructed me to unplug my RJ11 (phone line) from my modem, and to turn the modem off for twenty seconds.  However this had absolutely no effect and the problem was unresolved.


      Also, the Globe representative I spoke with on the phone told me that I had not exceeded my data usage allotment, so if he is telling me the truth, then what is going on?  I thought that my plan was for 400gb a month, but the rep said I had unlimited data usage.


      Why is Globe sending my browser to a page that never loads properly, is this really a good way to keep paying customers happy?  Also, why do such a terrible thing to a long time paying customer just before a major holiday, there by making it impossible for me to communicate with my bank, with friends and family, and to do shopping?  Why treat paying customers so badly, this makes very poor business sense to anyone with half an ounce of sense!  Sad!

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          I have this same kind of issue. I can use Messenger and FB on my mobile phone, but I could barely browse on the web browser. I can visit google but it takes a minute to load the search engine site.


          A pop up comes up from broadbandstatus3.globe.com.ph and when the page loads, it shows the error "Oops, something went wrong. Please turn off your modem for 5 minutes and start it again.." something like that. I did this but nothing happened. I can't see anything on the pop up window.


          I called customer service twice, advised me that I have sufficient data (only used 100GB of our 400GB allowance) and our account status is good. They further advised to block it from the browser but it's not coming from the browser. Also it appears that I'm being redirected to that page and can't do anything about it. The CS representatives advised they have refreshed our internet connection, advising me to turn the modem off for them to refresh it, then turn it on, but it still appears.


          This has been a pain as I'm working at home and now I'm at a computer shop costing me more just to be able to continue working.


          Globe should have this kind of issue removed. Whatever it is, it should not force us to be redirected to that page. We have emails and mobile numbers, they should just notify us there and stop this non-sense.


          Representatives should also have the knowledge to help us. Because they sounded like they do not know anything about it nor how to resolve it. One rep even scheduled a technician to visit us.


          Please Globe or any representative respond and help us!

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              My Internet connection seemed to return to normal sometime late during the evening of Dec 26th, and since then it has been behaving normally.  I attempted to call Globe when I noticed that my account was working normally again, but when I called the representative I spoke with said that their system was down, and that they could not provide me with any information.


              So, although my connection is back to normal, I don't have an explanation as to why it is now working, or what caused it to misbehave in the first place.  It would be nice to know what caused this problem so that this type of situation can possibly be avoided in the future.  However, as of yet, I've had absolutely no input from Globe regarding this matter.


              I'm no Information Technology expert, but I'm wondering if this situation might possibly be related the Huawei brand modem Globe installed at my house?

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              Kenneth Chan



              May I ask if is this still the case?