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    Where To File A Complaint


      I have been using Globe and its services for over 13 years now and this is the first I wasted so much time to resolve a single issue.


      I am so upset and disappointed with your GCash Customer Service and Support Group. I had an issue with GCash when I cashed-in P 1500.00 using my saved BDO debit card information on Saturday, December 22, when it did not show up on my app. I was supposed to use GCash to buy a book at that time at FullyBooked SM The Block since they accept it for payment. I encountered saying that there’s something wrong with my account and contact GCash. But I was able to log in and was able to cash-in. My BDO account was debited but it’s not showing on my GCash app.


      I tried calling GCash right away but the wait time is 60 minutes. Yes, 60 minutes. Then I contacted GCash through Facebook Messenger (which is useless anyway) and just received a template asking for details about the issue which I replied right away. That didn’t help.

      When I got home that day, I called back and the automated voice recording said it will take 60 minutes before I can speak with a representative – which is a lie since I have to wait 2 hours and 19 minutes then the call got disconnected. The only thing I am thankful about is that the representative called me.


      I advised her of what happened and she told me that she’s not seeing it on my account as well and that she will escalate the issue to your support group. She told me that was an intermittent issue with PayPal (I’m not even sure why she told me about your issue with PayPal) and that the funds will be back to my BDO account in 24-48 regular hours, not business hours. That’s what she confirmed since I asked her just to be sure. She also asked me to send the screenshot of the error message which I did and provided some banking information since the support group will coordinate with the bank to confirm that my account was debited. I sent an email and provided her my banking card information.


      I waited until Monday but it’s not reflecting in my account. I tried calling the customer service again but it has already been 40 minutes but I was still on hold. I decided to hang up since I have to work on something else and sent several messages to GCash via Facebook Messenger whose reply is always ‘Good day and apologies for the delayed response. We’d like to know if you’re still facing the issue right now?’ It didn’t even do anything.

      Anyway, I called in again today, December 27. Waited for 57 minutes and was advised by rep that nothing is showing on your end and that I will have to coordinate with the bank. I told her what I was advised of by the previous representative who helped me on Saturday. But Jean told me that you can’t do anything about it since it’s not showing up on your end. I told her that I already sent a screenshot of the transaction on my BDO Online Banking but I have not received any feedback from their support group.


      She asked me to forward the email again, giving me a different email address. I did and she told me they’ll just reopen the case. That’s it. They will not do anything today but reopen the case. I called BDO while on the line with the customer service representative and BDO confirmed the details of the transaction and BDO rep even offered to provide any information to GCash rep that will help you resolve this issue. But GCash rep only asked to forward the email which I already did. BDO told me that it may take 40 banking days if they will be the one work on the issue. 40 banking days!


      Inasked to speak with her supervisor and waited almost an hour before I got to talk to one. Even the supervisor didn't know what to do! They are unable to resolve my issue. My Christmas has already been ruined. Now, I think Globe will also be ruining my New Year.

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          This sounds like a typical experience with Globe Customer "Service", which I have had multiple times regarding various issues. Don't give up, as they will try to ignore you for the next 40 days. BDO might be more helpful.


          I still haven't found a way to contact their legal department. Globe ignores emails, lose physical letters which were signed 'received' by their officers and have no business fax numbers. Their FB message and Twitter service is mostly useless.

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