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    Globe is restricting homesurf15


      As with other posts in this site, Globe is restricting access to homesurf15. I have done the following:


      1. Loaded 50 pesos.

      2. Subscribed to gosurf50 via the globe at home app.

      3. Added the tack on home surf 15. It said i was successful on the app.

      4. I got an sms via the modem dashboard that says: homesurf is exclusive to gosurf50 and that i should use the gah app (i did both).

      5. Tried resetting the modem, uninstall install the app, messaging Globe via messenger (no resolution from that medium just canned responses).

      This is not a bug, this is a deliberate restriction kasi ng naman ndi profitable.


      I hope they fix this before I escalate the issue to the NTC (which will bow down to globe anyway) but I will still try.