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    Unfair Practices and data capping in relation to R.A.10667


      We have been with Globe for around 10-11 years with 1999 Landline and Broadband package.


      This was before they brought in the 7GB data capping.


      A few months ago the data capping was removed, until just before Christmas 2018 Globe reinstated the data capping.


      Recently we received a call from a Globe Sales Representative who basically would not listen and kept trying to push use to change our package to unlimited speed without data capping.


      I was interested in the new package until she told us about the 24 month lock in period, therefore I refused the upgrade to the new package.


      Why should I upgrade with a lock in period as Globe are always changing there policies and downgrading packages to force customers to upgrade with a lock in period. Once you sign up to a package that should remain in place for the entire duration and grandfather rights should apply to older accounts  if they change the package for new customers or customers who willingly want to change there account.


      Over the last few years Globe restrict access to my account and when I call they say its a technical issue, When the technicians come to our house to investigate the fault I complain about data capping and they say out account is unlimited based on the information they have, then I contact customer services who say no its data capped.


      On the last visit from a technician he said it was my data cable causing the problem to my internal router, Before calling Globe I always check my system as I am  a highly qualified electronic systems engineer who in the past was th3e site radar engineer for Air Traffic Control Radar looking after all networking, computers and radar systems along with power management and voice and data systems too name a few.


      I had change the network cable and also checked out all cables on my system with no cabling issues, also this would not affect WiFi connections which were also effected. Also I cannot open my phone bills as the supposed user name and password never works and I refuse to wait on the phone for over 30 minutes to speak to a customer service rep when the shores staff should also be able to deal with the problem, but tell you to call 211 why have customer services in stores if they cant deal with account problems.


      i am also told we would receive a rebate on the account for loss of service for which I have never seen. This has digressed form the main subject some what.


      In my opinion Globe are operating unfair practices in relation to Anti Trust and completions Republic Act 10667,preventing customers from transferring to alternative Telecom provider without paying the full lock in period amount which could result in several thousands of peso penalties globe force customers to pay just to transfer to a new telecom operator like the new 3rd Telecom provider.


      I believe to DOJ should investigate this illegal policy as it surely falls within the realms of anti competitiveness.