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    Spotify lifestyle pack problems,is it depreciated? This is according to a customer service rep in the mall.




      I am having trouble with my spotify lifestlye pack for the past 3 months already since renewing my contract with globe, I was a spotify premium user in my last contract which was included in my plan. However that ended around October last year, within that time I renewed my contract and included the spotify premium lifestyle pack. This is where my problem began, my spotify account did not automatically become premium at first so I tried to register via spotify site but that only led to double billing, that was for two months, went to globe store and talked to a CSR then I was advised to cancel my subscription and wait one month and see if it will automatically become premium, did that to no avail.


      I went again to the Globe store and this time I was advised to talk to spotify directly to check on their end. So I did that using twitter as apparently that is the only way to communicate with them easily, after a long convo with spotify they concluded that my account was not really tagged as premium and that I should inquire with Globe, engaged with globe via twitter at the same time as this, but only got a solution that says try reinstalling the spotify app. For the third time I went to the Globe store just last night, only to be informed that the spotify lifestyle pack is to be depreciated, not the actual term but that is what was said, and that I have to just resort to on top of the bill registration, just like what the CSR is doing herself, now I can do that, but that defeats the purpose of my budget set for my postpaid, and it seems shady to say that, as well as I'm kind of frustrated because this is going on for about 3 months now going on 4 months, been happy with globe for the last 4 years plus except for this incident. If anyone can enligthen me with this issue so I can have a happy new year