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    Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi Loading Concerns


      Hi to all,


      First of all I want to greet everyone a BLESSED HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!


      New User of GLOBE AT HOME PEPAID WIFI here


      Here are my queries/concerns.

      1.)  How long will it take for an UNLOADED GLOBE AT HOME PREPAID WIFI SIM to be deactivated.

      (Because I'll be using this as my HOME Internet BackUp.  So this means that I'll be just using this if I have trouble with my HOME Internet connection. Maybe just once in a while in a year.)


      2.)  I know that as per NTC memo load for prepaid services now have (1) year duration before it expire.  How come my load was set to expire on Feb 13, 2019,  even I topped/loaded it last Dec 30, 2018?  I loaded my mobile number last Dec 29, 2018 via prepaid card loading worth (Php 300).  And done a ShareALoad (Php 299) to my GLOBE AT HOME PREPAID WIFI SIM last Dec 30, 2018, and upon checking on the mobile App it was set to expire on Feb 13, 2019 (Please see screenshots below).


      I just bought a GLOBE PREPAID for sake of transferring the said prepaid load to my GLOBE AT HOME PREPAID WIFI.

      Screenshot_2019-01-01-09-53-23-018 (Patched).jpg



      3.)  If ShareALoad is not entitled to (1) one year prepaid load expiry.  What loading channel should I use so my GLOBE AT HOME PREPAID WIFI load will have a (1) one year expiry period?


      4.)  TO GLOBE:  Can you please return the interface where you can directly load a prepaid card load to your PREPAID WIRELESS INTERNET?  Just like to your old prepaid Wireless internet service on your (GLOBE Huawei B200 Series)


      Wishing to get a proper answers regarding my concerns.  Again HAPPY NEW YEAR to ALL!!!!!!