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    Complaint about my account


      We started our service for phone and internet sometime around June 2018, we were given 6 months free of Netflix, Fox+ and Disney Life. We wanted to maximize our movie channels that is why we ordered Roku device sometime around August or September 2018, we were given additional 3 more months free of Netflix, Fox+ and Disney Life (on top of what we received when we initially signed up) and HOOQ. So in total, we should be getting total of 9 months free for the said 3 movie channels. Since HOOQ was given to as free for 45 days, the day that it is about to expire, I called the hotline, 730-1000 and gave us instructions on how to unsubscribe to HOOQ. Then this is where we start to have an issue (this issue happened, if I remember it correctly November 14, 2018), our Fox+ was not working, it is showing that we need to subscribe to the said movie channel. I immediately called customer service and said that they will escalate our concern to their support team. We religiously call the customer service hotline to make a follow up, talked to several agents including supervisor and we end up nothing, no resolution as all for our Fox+ concern. Then we were advised that they are just going to send the 3 months free (for the roku) the redemption link for Fox, Disney and Netflix:

      1. 12/04/18 talked to Ian, gave us the following reference numbers:




      We waited and received nothing

      2. 12/10/18 talked to Ruby:

      Said our box is undergoing maintenance (which we are not aware) that our main box needs to reconfigure (whatever that is), no update provided and nothing happened

      3. 12/15/18 talked to Rizza:

      Said that our plan is going migration to Fiber (which is better, however, we are not aware of the account migration), reference number QTU18120011485, is to prioritize our line to speed up the account migration

      4. 12/17/18 talked to Marlon, he requested to right away close the open ticket for the account migration so we can make a follow up about our Fox+ concern, reference # PQC18120008167

      Another concern that we also raised was speed of our plan:

      Initially when we signed up, we have this promotion that we can have up to 15MBPS for free with our plan, we called several times but according to the notes on our account that 15MBPS is still not available to our area. When our account was on the process of migration, the technician said that 15mbps is available to our area, but what he can do for us is under the table transaction that we need to pay him 1,500 pesos to easily which to a faster speed. We didn't agree with that instead called customer service hotline again to verify the issue since from the very beginning they said that 15mbps is not available to our area. As per the technician "ma'am available 15mbps sa area nyo, actually nilagay ko na kayo sa 15mbps kaso di alam ni globe to, wag na lang kayong maingay ha". I said, "kuya di ako prepared na may babayaran pala (cause we know that we are not suppose to pay anything to the technician). He respond, "pano yan ma'am ibabalik ko na lang kayo ulit sa 10mbps?" I said, "sige kuya wala kaming pera". He made a bargain, "sige ma'am 1k na lang" sabi ko na lang, pasensya na kuya wala talaga kaming money pasensya na.

      With my conversation with the techncian, I know that the speed we are requesting is available yet it was not given to us, Here are the reference numbers of the request we made to upgrade our speed:



      PQC18100015131 dated 10/29/18

      All of the said reference numbers said that 15MBPS is not available to our area as per the agents that we've talked to. Finally the complaint reference number for the technician and hopefully to have our account upgraded to speed of 15mbps, PQC18120008174.

      5. 12/18/18 talked to Reggie, said that he will escalate our movie channel concerns, gave all our contact information, no update, no resolution

      6. 12/21/18 talked to Mitch, said the same thing as above (item #5) and no resolution still, gave reference number MFA18120031336

      7. 12/25/18 talked to Hermie, reference number QTU18120019806, still no resolution

      8. 12/26/18 talked to MAC, reference number QAW18120010204, no update no resolution

      9. 12/29/18 talked to Jonathan, gave we different time frame and I admit, I got mad and requested for supervisor, talked to Martin promised to gave 3 months free of HOOQ, gave reference number 42927517

      The supervisor mentioned that:

      a. The streaming device (Roku) was not tagged on our account so promotion was not applied

      b. When the migration happened, tagging was not processed and since Netflix was not anyway part of Globe, they can not longer give us the Netflix promotion and will replace it with HOOQ free for 3 months

      My calls continued...

      10. 12/31/18 talked to Mark, reference number ACT18120000798, will escalate the issue, no update, no email, no resolution, nothing happened

      11. 01/02/19, talked to JO ACT19010000049, still nothing (with this call, the agent said, I will simply send you the link on your email, I said, pwede ba magstay ka sa line while I am waiting for the email to make sure na marereceived ko sya, he said ma'am within 24 hours yan, I said, nagmamadali ka ba? he said may gagawin pa po kasi ako, then to the extreme of my irritation, i admit banged the phone just to avoid the conversation

      12. today, 01/03/19, talked to Ed gave reference number for HOOQ FUC19010000036 and Fox+ FOX19010000186 since we received another email that our Fox subcription is about to end, as I recalled we should have FOX+ until march 2019 and since we are not been able to use it since we had issue with it since November 2018


      I signed up to this group hoping I can get to raise our concern to someone who can help us. I wish everyone a happy new year. Thank you in advance. Please help us. I don't know what to do anymore. Desperate move but at least I tried.



      Charlene Torralba