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    Globe Complaints




      I am writing this message out of frustration with Globe and hoping for someone to take ownership of this.


      We’ve been no internet connection for three weeks now, it started when a Globe technician came to our house to change our modem four weeks ago. It went well for three days.

      We called Globe hotline, In middle of December 2018 to report our lost of connection. They set up an appointment and were scheduled for an onsite visit the next day, well luckily a technician came and fix our connection.


      After four days of using internet, we again experience lost of connection. Another call to Globe customer service, I was told that there is an on going outage for south luzon and there is not specific time frame when it will restore. I accept that reason since I am working for a telecommunication company as well. We just waited until before Christmas, still outage is pn going because we also recieve notifications from them. Buy the way we receiving notifications from them 23 December that theres an outage. See screenshots below.


      I received a text messaged from Globe on 29 December that outage has been restored and stated that if I still encounter the same issue, i should reply to their message to schedule an onsite visit which I did. So i got another text message confirming my onsite visit on 29 December between 1pm to 8pm. See screenshots. I stayed home on that day to wait for technician but no one came. So, then I called customer service  I was advised that it still open and they will follow it up.


      I waited, we waited for two days my families been waiting for them to fix our internet but still no one showed up.


      I called customer service, I was told that ticket rescheduled on 30 December 2018 not a surprise anymore because NO ONE CAME. They said that ticket is closed now because technician checked main cabinet and there is no problem on it. Imagine our struggles here.


      We were forced scheduled on 31st December, the representative asked his supervisor to escalate it further, but nothing happens,  but no one came.

      Another called made on 1 January, i was advised that the original schedule is on 3 Jan, no one came again.


      I called customer service yesterday. 4 Jan, I asked them why technicians dont show up to us to fix our problem, but they cant give certain reason as to why technicians do not show up.   I had enough, im tired chasing them. Please help us.



      Globe has the worst customer service and knowing Telecommunications process just makes me so mad as everyone seems to not want to own this. THAT IS JUST RIDICULOUS!!!


      I hope someone from Globe executive will be able to read this message as i have been a very loyal customer to them but i am being ripped off because of this experience.