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    Money taken,service not provided!!no internet!!


      Globe, is this your style to fool people?

      My internet was installed dec.31 2018 your people nagmamadali para maka habol sa qouta niyo. I paid cash 1499(1500 to be exact hindi pa sinukli ang piso). Jan.2,2019 your people went back to my place to call CS for activation. Jan. 5,2019 my internet was deactivated due missed information"daw" given by my verifier. I was pissed off already. I called your CS hotline pero ang shunga din walang nangyari.went to your globe store wala din. The fact i paid already but i am taken for granted. You re-process after 3 days binalik nyo internet.after 24 hrs pinutol nyo ulit.. Ang reason nyo invalid yung UMID ID ko. Now this time i will file legal action.i asked for refund ayaw nyo ibigay pera ko. i just checked SSS online and my CRN # is alive and kicking.

      Dapat nga ipa tulfo kayo,ipa Reklamo sa NTC.dapat nga e abolish na kayo!

      I will write a complain to the office of the president and to NTC.