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    loyalty offers


      sharing lng...


      im almost done with my current  contract araw nlng bniblang so I decided to call the hotline for loyalty offers only to find out that rebates lng mppakinabangan ko,so kung gusto ko ung s4 add 600/mo on top of my 999 bill or i can upgrade to plan 1799 pra free n ung phone. Its just the same as new line so tnnong ko ung agent kung anu benefits ng pgiging loyal ko if i get the new phone & upgrade my plan, "mareretain nyo po # nyo ska di na kayo magsusubmit ng requirements"....SERIOUSLY? eto na un...pro me mga kakilala aq n nkuha nila let say iphones @ plan 999 for free. bakit mas maganda offers nila sa mga new subscribers instead of keeping their existing customers happy...ung khit makuha man lang ung phone ay ma-avail @ one plan lower or pwede rin magupgrade tapos iapply ung rebates....mkakatampo lng...dmi ko na kilala nagswitch sa smart pro aq naiwan n loyal sa globe.....moving forward sna ireview nila ung programs nila for loyal customers pra mas dumami ung globe subs pra everybody means more business...

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          I share same sentiments with you. Before, they are the one calling their subscribers and even offer a new promo / lock up even if there are still a few months remaining. There was also a time that you just accumulate rewards and later on exchange for a unit. 


          Gone are those days. And you were right. They don't care for loyal customers already. Their interest is in switching non Globe user to theirs.


          I myself experience this. i've been a member since 1997 and before, their service was really good. Since 2008 - 2013 I was not locked to any promo but I'm hoping that I am accumulating rewards points only to get frustated when I call them and update my loyalty only to find out that I didn't earned any. 


          I wonder why they still call this loyalty program.

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              I believe GLOBE LOyalty Program should be renamed as "GLOBE Retain Account and Mobile Number". That is the benefit of recontrating plans with GLOBE.. no need to bring documents, credit cards etc etc.. because you are loyal to GLOBE.. hahhaa..  

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                  From the practical and financial point of view, it is better to avail of the bill rebates than a new phone. The bill rebates remain constant over a period of time while a phone substantially depreciates in a very short time.


                  Moreover, you are stuck for a period of time if you avail of a device and be subjected to termination fees if you opt out while you can opt out without any termination fee in bill rebates in case there is a better future offer. (I just learned that recently and had it verified again a while ago and please correct this notion if I am wrong).