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    Note III


      Any news with Note 3?

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          Alec Jordan Buencamino

          It is rumored to be released later this year. Probably October or November

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            Im really excited for this one. It's going to be announced this September at the IFA 2013. I hope it will be available through the Globe plans a couple of months after that. 

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              Thumbs Up ako sa Samsung when it comes to International Market kc mabilis sila magrelease, kung base sa Last year's trend around August na announced yung Note 2 then release nya was September, by October meron sa sa Globe ^_^

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                  Uy excited sila sa Note 3... :smileytongue: I was surprised myself when I jumped on the Note series myself kasi I was already contented with my former phone (Galaxy S2) which sabi ko sa sarili ko hindi na practical ang phone larger than this. I ate my words after getting my Note 2(burp!).


                  As Sir Ben said, maugong ang rumor that Samsung will announce this next month. The operative word here is "announce." On the release date eh... basta basa basa lang muna tayo 'pag may time... :smileywink: