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    Venting out on my Super Stick 4G Slow Connectivity

      I am in a Two year contract for a 7.2mbps speed. Am aware that you won't get all of it and it is signal dependent. I work and is most of the time spent my whole entire week in Makati. I live in Las Piñas City proper.

      This issue has been on going since February... I have filed several complaints sa Store ng SM Southmall, SM MoA, at SM Marilao... All they told me is the same thing... Signal dependent... Pero kapag natawag ka sa holine ang sasabihin eh wala naman problema sa network connection... Nakakakuha ako ng HSPA+ pero ang download at upload speed ko ay wala pang 500kbps... Pinalitan na ang sim ko three times and the latest that I have is an LTE sim. Pero ganito pa rin ang sitwasyon... I demanded for a device replacement but hey say its not possible according to an SM Southmall representative. (Speedtests were done by them and they know my issue).

      With frustration, nagdecide ako ipaputol ang kontrata kasi I do not get what I am paying for. Yet magbabayad pa rin ako. Thats understandable pero kung Globe ang hindi naman natupad sa contracted speed bakit ako magbabayad?

      I logged a complaint to NTC and they replied pero nirefer ako pabalik sa Globe... Tawag ulit ako... Then tatawagan na lang daw ako... Given all of the storyline mula umpisa pero HANGGANG NGAYON walang pinagbago!

      Given all of the trouble shooting, change sim, trouble tickets, in-store complaint and upfront trouble shooting... Wala pa ring resolution... Ano balak ng Globe? Even downloading ng attachments ng email ko ay para akong naka dial up.

      I want my line cancelled ng walang babayaran! Am entering my fifth month sa kontrata and sapat binabayad ko. Anung klaseng service ba ito?
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            not even close to 1 mbps and the ping 601ms its too much... i could imagine 7.2 mbps thats fast anyway back to your topic me too i'm losing trust in globe they have the same answer same logic testing method same question your signal strenght  your cinr your rssi your computer is infected all those novice question all over and over it stress me out in reality i dont believe in signal strenght you can have a 2 bar signal but your speed could range to 3mbps last year i'm using the e357 and i experience it does not depend on signal strength as it is prepaid which magastos just using it for just a backup i apply a wimax now here is the scenario they are quick installing takes an hour presto now i have an internet that all the members of house could enjoy. I myself enjoy with the speed could reach 1.02mbps for a 1 mbps plan night and day never changes you could brag with it now the sad part game time over last month i experience my net are getting slow speedtest 0.40- 0.70 well 0.70 is acceptabe but most of the time 0.40- 0.50-0.65 which i could not accept at any reason i'm paying for 1mbps plan... request for service 4x i called so 4x the technician came oh you have connection it's good so can browse FB they don't know about speed that we are complaining did not bother to check what the reason for slow browsing all you can get answer from them network maintenance globe tech. are useless now if its really the network why don't globe tech repair thier network another 2 mons. i'm done with my contract. AruHero i think your device is defective for 7.2 your test show 0.53 not even an inch to 7.2 plan, i'm freaking out . my experience with globe

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            Walang question about signal strength, kung meron man, nireklamo ko na rin ang postpaid voice line ko...
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              I just talked to them a while ago and hindi daw sila pwedeng magpalit ng device dahil hindi pa daw resolved ang 3 month old kong dispute sa connection nila...
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                  Hi, Please check if your stick got a good signal strenght.

                  2. Try to use another sim card temporarily or a new stick

                  3. Check for your computer specs and Hardaware

                  4. Check for running apps

                  5. Test your ping by opening a cmd and

                  How to test ping:
                  1. press window key + R
                  2. type "cmd" and click okay.
                  3. type "ping jeiannueva.tk" or "ping google.com.ph"
                  4. If the results have a maximum of morethan 300ms. It is considered failed.

                        If there are Request time out, Check your signal strenght.
                  5. Contact your ISP

                  If all of the above solution fails. Please contact globe, Kung ayaw ng agent talk to a supervisor about your concern then ask ka na rin to a Account specialist for rebates

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                  Wala daw rebates... For recontracting offers lang daw yun... And hindi daw sila nagpapalit ng device kasi out warranty na... Point is pinatagal nila ng ganito tapos sasabihin nila na pld pwedeng magpalit ng device?
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                    rssi is the least factor to consider, even if the device is at its optimun signal e.g. HSPA+ 5 bars it would work the same as with a device having only HSPA+ 2 bars, most likely it was a network load congestion issue.






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                      I went to the store last Wednesday 29th of May. They said that there is nothing wrong with the connection kasi kumunekta yung yung rep sa device at mabilis daw sya nakakapag-internet using his iPhone 5.


                      If your asking if I am using a pre-paid or postpaid, I am using Postpaid.


                      For those telling me where or how to navigate, They I and them have already made the trouble shooting in the store, at home and in the office.


                      They keep on telling me that its signal dependent pero katabi lang namin tower ng Globe sa lugar namin like 1 block away.


                      My device is not deffective since I am using a Brand new iPad Mini,  a four month old iPod Touch 5G and a MacBook Pro already 3 months old tapos sasabihan ako na devices ko may sira?


                      Ayaw nila palitan ang device! Wala daw re-imbursement! What in the world are they doing? Just doing business pero poor service?