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    GLOBE Plan Fraudulent Modification Issue


      I felt sudden disaapointment when i knew that my Legacy Plan 299 with Free E (Superone) has been fradulently modified, it could be the agent's fault who misunderstood my request last april 22 for change of Superone Nominated number   or its a systems fault since Globe is still on its migration for the new IT platform. 


      What happened now was, my Plan 299 that used to have freebie E is now with freebie A, and the superone was now part of my add-on booster which cost me P175/mo. how about that GLobe??!!!


      Its your systems fault yet i'll get to pay for the burden?!


      They cant make manual modification on agents level since the Freebie E is no longer offer on the new Plan 299, so I decided to raised the issue on supervisory level.



      What's more everytime i called the nominated superone number i got billed, it reflects on my running usage which doesnt occurred before, I filled a seperate bill dispute on this matter and I commend the agent for doing the necessary adjustment right away.


      A sentiment to hotline;


      Thank you for the worst handling, It really pisses me off!

      A 60 mins of explaining to the agent the issue and 90 mins on supervisors que is a no JOKE!

      I could have spare it to a more quality time than waiting for someone to attend my call. GRrrrrR!!!


      Supervisor Khay owe me a callout yet she didnt comply with her commitmentso i called again the hotline wanting Sup. Khay to attend my call right away but according to one of the IS Sup OIC they are not equipped/capable to transfer call from one supervisor to another, i doubt it ofcourse. It end up with a templated spiel that "they really apologize for the inconvenience this had cause". what em i supposed to do now?


      Id also like to address this matter  to whoever empowered to help me regarding this, Please..


      I just want my old plan with freebie E back.



      account number: 68158018