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    Connect: First Globe Community Gathering Feedback


      share with us your experience :manwink:

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          Honga.. nagaabang din ako hehe ^_^
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            it was fun and i had a great time. i was able to meet gleen personally and of course nagkaroon ang ng 2 bagong friends dito sa community, c rezerind at c ronell :smileyhappy:
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              First of all, thanks for all who made the meetup possible. Management, media, guests, etc. Sobrang warm ng pagwelcome samin kanina. Looking forward na lumaki ng sobra itong community na to. Let us help each other. Knowledge shared is knowledge gained. Tayo tayo lang din po ang magtutulungan. Keep it up Globe Community team!:smileywink:

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                  I entered around 5:40pm and was quite surprised to see the reception with the sign of Media registration as I expected more of a meet up and interaction between users and Globe counterparts. I had to ask where we would register as there was no sign at all in the reception. I was asked about my name as I gave my first name as they wrote it down on a name tag stick-on and someone wrote my first name too on a blue card which apparently would serve as the raffle stub. It made me wonder what if I had a namesake and our name would called for the raffle since my nickname was very common... Oh well.


                  Going past the reception, I could not distinguish people from Globe, users, event organizers, media nor the hosts and it was a good thing that I found a long time friend from the forums of way back and we started to reminisce of the old days and to update ourselves of what we are doing.


                  Buffet dinner was served with more than sufficient good Spanish food, overflowing drinks and refillable iced tea.


                  The program proper started which was emceed by our community manager GlennO ( who by the way did not have a nametag) and a presentation on the objective of the community was done by no less than Globe CEO Ernest Cu. Also, a presentation by Online community provider Lithium by Asia Pacific GM Mr. Charles Hough came afterwards as he cited the similarities of the direction of Globe and Lithium.


                  After a brief open forum came the surprise awards for those who pioneered and helped the community based on their posts and contributions. Noticeable boo boo was the announcement of the best dressed female when the name that was flashed was not the name that was read. Also, the best dressed male was not even in blue, the color motif that was requested to be worn for the evening.


                  As soon as the program ended came the better part of the evening and we started to mingle with the others beside our table specifically flogger Chuck Dreyfuss and company who we have met already in past encounters. GlennO who was more relaxed joined us afterwards for some chitchat and photo ops.


                  When we were about to leave, my friend Eric saw the umbrellas lying around without anyone guarding. So tempting to get one but he was patient enough to look for someone responsible and ask permission if we could be entitled to one. Fortunately, Divi (Globe broadband) arrived to accommodate us and was gracious enough to engage us with small talk. That made the night.



                  1. Nametags for community members could include their usernames.

                  2. Globe personnel could make us more at ease by being hosts for the meet ups by breaking converstion with the users.

                  3. A roll call could have been made with the users in attendance since there were only 60 in the sign up list.


                  I guess these are just birthing pains which is understandable. Hoping for a next time as we're sure that feedback would be taken in stride.












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                  GOOD JOB to those who were able to attend the gathering and to the people behind the event. KEEP IT UP. :smileyhappy:
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                    Twas nice catching up with you Chito at the event. This is a late reaction hehe I have been trying to figure out how to claim warranty with my defective Z10 camera. Now I got a Q10, I can peacefully send my Z for repair. :smileyhappy: