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    Protated bill

      Just received my furst bill. It says 6599.00
      My plan is 1799.00 a month..
      I understand first bill is prorated but why is did it become almost triple the amount? Usage is minimal nmn. I didnt call at all. Few texts to globe and smart. And minimal fb and intagram browsing. And i always turn off my data even though im on unlisurf plan.
      Talk2globe twitter page said prorated bill is computed: no. Of
      Days in a month- less doa/no. Of days in a month multiplied by msf.. Plus one month advance daw...but it still did not add up to my computation o mali lng intindi ko at computation ko..
      I got my account activated last april 6..
      Ganito kaya every month ang bill ko?
      Please help me shed light to y my bill jumped to 6599.00
      Pls help! Tnx in advance
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          It might help if you can provide details stated on your bill which adds up to the total amount of Php 6599 to further scrutinize it.


          Many factors could have caused it based on my experience (uncredited cash outs specially for the cost of unit, unadjusted per kb charging, billing error, etc) and unless we see the figures and the amounts stated, then we can only speculate.


          Rest assured that Globe shall reverse it if there was an error on their end.


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            I just went to the globe center today. And im so glad i came before posting any payments. Turned out they made this stupid error sa pag enter ng info sa database nila regarding my handset. I availed iphone 4s but on their database it appeared i was given iphone5! What the heck! Kaya po pala nacharge ako ng ganun kalaki dahil sa handset. They cleared my charges at tinanggal ung 4500 plus and since i dont have significant usage charges 1799 lang po ang binayaran ko kanina. Napaka careless nmn ng agent na naghandle ng application ko for subscription. Dapat maging mas maingat sila next time and double check everything. Sana po hindi ito mangyare sa iba. Thanks
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                That is good to hear that the Globe Business Center Staff was able to determine that root cause of the issue. Kudos to him/her. @Cecille_Marie when doing business in the retail store, over the phone, chat etc. Make sure that you have it documented. Ask for the employee's full name, ID number, date and time. This way, you can get back to the employee who assisted you and to save you *ss if the transaction fails.

                With this experience of another Globe Community member, hoping GLOBE will learn from it. At work, we call it ONE AND DONE. Resolve the issue during the first contact with the customer. I just hope the people working in the Hotline have this thinking of "one call resolution" to avoid the customer from calling numerous times.