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    I was charged of handset payment for iphone5 but u only availed unlisurf 1799 free iphone4s

      I just went to the globe center today. And im so glad i came before posting any payments. for the 6599.00 first bill for my unlisurf iphone 4s 1799... Turned out they made this stupid error sa pag enter ng info sa database nila regarding my handset. I availed iphone 4s but on their database it appeared i was given iphone5! What the heck! Kaya po pala nacharge ako ng ganun kalaki dahil sa handset. They cleared my charges at tinanggal ung 4500 plus na para sa handset fee and since i dont have significant call txt and data usage charges, 1799 lang po pala dapat ang first bill ki at yun nga ang binayaran ko kanina. Napaka careless nmn ng agent na naghandle ng application ko for subscription. Dapat maging mas maingat sila next time and double check everything. Sana po hindi ito mangyare sa iba.

      Anyways, after i paid i cheked my balance again pero nkalagay dun i still have outstanding balance na 4799! Hindi p ata naclear yung error dhl existing paren yung balance n yun which they deducted n knina as i paid my first bill. Dapat 0.00 n magappear sa notice ko ng balance. Should i wait for it to refresh or update or something o sugurin ko na ulet ang globe center.