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    Globe offers BlackBerry Q10 First in PH

      Globe BlackBerry Q10.PNG


      Good news! Globe Telecom is the first telco in the Philippines to launch the BlackBerry Q10 and will be the only operator offering the newwest BlackBerry smartphone for the first thirty days (30) days when it becomes officially available in the in the country on June 7.


      Key Features


      BlackBerry Q10 Features.PNG




      Display Type: Super AMOLED Capacitive Touchscreen
      Size: 3.1 inches
      Processor: Dual Core 1.5 GHz Qualcomm MSM8960
      Network: 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE (800/900/1800/2600 MHz)
      Operating System: BlackBerry 10 OS
      Dimensions: 4.71 (H) x 2.63 (W) x 0.41 (D)
      Weight: 4.90 oz (139 g)
      Alert Types: MP3, Polyphonic, Vibration
      Loudspeaker: Supported
      Card slot: microSD, up to 64 GB
      Internal Memory: 16 GB storage, 2 GB RAM
      GPRS: Supported
      WLAN: Supported
      Bluetooth: Supported
      USB: Supported
      Camera: 8 megapixels rear camera, Autofocus, LED Flash, 5x digital zoom
      1080p HD video recording
      2 megapixels front camera, 3x digital zoom
      720p HD video recording
      Features: Geo-tagging, Image stabilization, Face detection, FM Radio, GPS, HTML5



      Order Today


      Get the BlackBerry Q10 via www.globe.com.ph/bbq10 for as low as P1,499 monthly under the best-ever MySuperPlan 999 with a monthly cashout of P500* over a 24-month contract period. The postpaid bundle comes with unlimited LTE surfing of up to 42 Mbps and a monthly consumable peso-value amount which can be converted to avail of call, text and surfing combo services.


      Arrival of units in Globe Stores will begin on June 7.


      * For 24 months 0% interest on handset cash out via participating credit cardholders such as Allied/PNB, BDO/Amex, BPI, Citibank, HSBC, RCBC Bankard, Security Bank/Diners Club, Unionbank, and Eastwest Bank.

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          I think Plan 999 and 1799 with Unli LTE are great for BlackBerry Q10. 


          BlackBerry Bold users should consider retiring their beloved smartphone soon.

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            Interesting phone...QWERTY Plus Touch. The Cashout spread in 24 months is enticing. Nice one Globe! :smileyvery-happy:


            I already share the link to my friend...mas excited pa ako sa kanya haha..

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              Wow! Now I cant decide which phone to upgrade.. Lol

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                  Hello, RoveenCarlo.


                  Are you torn between the Z10 and the Q10?


                  If you have been a Bold (or a Curve qwerty) user and would like to try the Full Touch experience, go for the Z10.


                  But if you prefer the qwerty with touch, go for the Q10.


                  Both runs on BlackBerry 10. Aside from the full screen and qwerty differences, the Q10's 2100 mAh battery gives more power than the Z10's.



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                  Is there an option where I could just pay Globe the whole 1499/mo without having my credit card swiped? Also, do you already have LTE SIMs? My brother got the Z10 some weeks ago and he still has no LTE SIM until now.
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                      Excited about this as well, the physical keyboard is still Blackberry's strongest suit. It's a long shot but I wish my office issues me a q10:smileytongue:

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                        Hello, SauldJ.


                        You can pay the initial 999 plus the Full Cashout. I think Globe prefers the Cashout be paid using Credit Card instead of charging it monthly. You can always ask Globe if it's possible to have the full 1499 charge to bill.


                        As for your brother's #GlobeBlackBerryZ10withoutLTE , I got my LTE Micro Sim on the same day I got my Z10.

                        Tell your Brother to visit any Globe Store and request for the LTE Micro SIM. And of course have it activated ASAP. 

                        I recommend Glorietta 3 and Greenbelt 4.




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                            i have been WAITING for this news to come out, since i heard about the Q10 in April. so EXCITED! :smileyvery-happy: anybody know when those units would start being displayed in a Globe Biz Center? havent fully decided if i should get the black or the white one.


                            i'm also not so eager having them charge that P500 onto my credit card if anything im trying to get rid of my credit card i also want them to charge the whole P1499 straight to the bill. Globe probably has requirements for that though dont they always? like making sure you can make the payments per month and that you wont just suddenly vanish off the face of the earth with their phone.


                            my question is-- am i considered a new subsriber or an old one? i have a DSL service with Globe for many years so basically i'm already a customer-- i've just never had a mobile service with them.

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                          To Z10 or to Q10?

                          Phone bills and more bills. :smileysad:
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                            Would this be available for re-contracting? 

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                              and i have another question (sorry for the double post but i cant seem to edit my previous one to add this)


                              --whats included in Plan 999 thats being pushed with this BB Q10 promo?

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                                Hi hcescala! That made me think twice. When getting; say for example the S4, iPhone or Blackberry, customers are required to sign-up for a data add-on. I tried doing a mix and match online with the Best Ever My Super Plan, the data add-ons are 99 and 999. The subscriber has to choose one. If I decide to get the Z10 or Q10, my options are 99 and 999 but why? In reality, the BB Max is 599 a month. The BB Max is a booster which means, 599 is going to be on-top of the MSF - Monthly Service Fee.

                                Why not make it three options? 99, 599 and 999. The 99 and 999 add-ons are specifically designed for non-Blackberry devices. :smileytongue:

                                Can you enlighten me on this issue Thank you.

                                Gracias a Dios que es Viernes. :smileyvery-happy:
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                                  That is something new to me. I did not know that. Thank you onggp. :smileyhappy:
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                                    Hi aimeerae!

                                    Welcome to the Globe Community.

                                    Please call 211 on your Globe Handy Phone and choose options 1, 1, 8 and 2 to talk to the Rewards Team. They are in the best position to discuss re-contracting offers.

                                    Hope this helps. :smileyhappy:
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                                        Hi GIBO,

                                        Thanks for the quick response. :smileyhappy:

                                        I called both — (02) 730-1000 on my landline and 211 on my mobile phone (following your instructions) — but both CSRs I spoke with said the Q10 is not yet being offered for re-contracting via the hotline.

                                        I might pop into a Globe service center in the next few days to inquire, but any other leads on re-contracting would be much appreciated.

                                        Oh, and in case it helps, I am currently on a super old plan that has been phased out a long time ago (G-Text plan).
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                                            Hello, Aimeerae.


                                            While there's no option for Plan Renewal in the Online Application for BlackBerry Q10 unlike for Z10 when it was launch in March,


                                            the Good News is Blackberry Q10 is AVAILABLE for for Plan RENEWAL or RECONTRACT (Bold for Empasis, no pun intended).


                                            You may call 730 1300 then press 1 - 1 - 2 for Loyalty Department.


                                            Or you may visit any Globe Store as soon as its available starting on June 7, 2013.


                                            As for your very old G Text Plan, you may try ask to Globe if you can maintain it and avail the new #GlobeBlackBerryQ10withLTE which is exclusive for Globe in the first 30 Days.


                                            Or you may just migrate to the new  #BestEverMySuperPlan.


                                            Happy Sunday!



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                                          Hi aimeerae,

                                          That's not good to hear that the phone of your choice - Q10 is not being offered yet for recontracting. Since the phone is new, maybe the are still deliberating on it. We can't tell. Might as well get back to them or as you said, drop by in the Globe Business Center.

                                          Going back to your grand fathered GText , might as well let go of that plan and get the Best Ever My Super Plan. I had the GFlex plan years ago. I really can't tell you, once you get the Q10 that you are able to keep your GText. Most likely, you get charged more for the cash-out.

                                          Better yet, ask the Business Center Staff for more accurate information. :smileywink:
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                                            I'm also tempted to this, as i would like to upgrade my 9360 to this ultra modern OS BB10..but just signed up a line to Globe so may think twice about this one. BTW Kudos to Globe for getting this first! Good job! :smileyhappy:

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                                              Good morning :smileyhappy: Just wanna say that I ordered this earlier with


                                              Plan 1499


                                              broken down to


                                              Php999 = to 1700 Peso Value

                                              Php500 = Your monthly cash out for 24 months (Equivalent to Php12000)


                                              However, to my disappointment, not only am I already paying for Php500 cash out for 24 months. They also want to deduct 600 Peso Value, according to them, also for the phone.


                                              It's just sad. I had always been hesitant to recontract because I'm currently comfortable with what I'm paying for at...


                                              Super Duo Unlicall to Globe/TM and Landline (w/ own LandLine Number) Php599

                                              Super UnliTxT to Globe/TM Php399




                                              Total = Php998


                                              And now, I know if I switch I will have to make do with Php1100 Peso Value that hardly gives me anything but some boosters. :smileysad:


                                              Dunno if I'm being too much of a cheapskate on this, but thought I'd clarify this for anyone planning on getting it. :smileyindifferent: