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    Bakit may 3G limit ang Premium Broadband Plan 1099 1 mbps?


      Gumagalang po sa Moderator,\


      Nag subscribe po ako sa Globe Premium plan 1099 1 MBPS. Malinaw sa brochure na ang may volume allowance na naka asterisk e yung landlline plan at consumable plan(See Latest Promo Bundles at globe site. Nung sa hotline na sinasabi ng Globe na fair usage policy ay walang katotohanan. Nag navigate kami sa internet sa FAQ no. 12 ng promo na sinasabi na applicalbe sa landline plan at consumable plan. Tama naman ang ads at yon ang aking naging basehan at claro sa agent na ang premium ay walang ganon. I dare that i have not seen anything in the internet about it. Yung premium if you read the FAQ 12 at yung Asterisk, wala ang premium broadplan plan. So paanong na cap ang aking subscription? Does Globe misrepresent here or the technical guys has not been informed of the RPOMO intention.


      I dare to cut it since it is not fair to change the game and locked you up and pay 7,000 if you terminate on something they are not telling you or not even in their ADS PROMO?


      i hope the higher globe officials should go down and check what is happening? They recommend to upgrade to 10mbps. If I could not trust what they say in 1 mbps why upgrade?


      My apoloigy for making it long, but I hope I would not suffer 12 months to get out of Globe.