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    Mobile Browsing - Easy Access to your Preferred Page!


      Hello everyone!


      Just sharing some tips about Mobile Browsing.

      Did you know that you can customize the default landing page when visiting the mobile version of the Globe Community?


      It's very simple!



      1. On the full browser version, just go to "My Settings" and go to the "Mobile" tab.

      Mobile Settings Page.jpg


      2. From the drop-down list, select your preferred Default home page for Mobile Browsing!

      Mobiel Settings Page 2.jpg


      In this example, I set it to "Ask A Question Page." This is especially useful in case I frequently visit the Community to ask questions.


      3. Save your preferred settings. Next time you log-in to the Globe Community through your Mobile Browser, your preferred page will load instead of the default page.








      Customize your mobile settings to add a personalized touch to your Globe Community mobile browsing experience!


      Happy posting! :smileyvery-happy: