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    Resend Bill Email Charges: Watch Out


      To all Postpaid Subscribers,


      We all know that Globe is undergoing system maintenance at the moment and all of us who enrolled on Paperless bill havent received the bills hence we have to call customer service and have it resent. Here's what I discovered and maybe you can check yours too:


      For my March-April Bill- I was charged 90 PHP because I requested to have my bill re-sent  thru email. There are 3 requests and every request is worth 30PHP.


      -What I dont I understand is that why Globe would charge me for that, in the first place the reason I asked for it is because Globe failed to send the bill/s to the email address I registered for paperless billing.


      So please check your statements as you might be affected with this glitch, the Resend Bill Email charges. By the way, I have two lines and both accounts were charged as well..


      I already talked to one of Globes representative and she confirmed that she'll make the necessary adjustments. :smileyhappy:


      On the otherhand, i'm under the impression that if you change your sim it'll be free but i was wrong. I saw 40 PHP  charge for my sim replacement --- so its not free pala but its ok. :smileysad:




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          paperless na nga lang may charge pa, btw nasa work ka pa no? hahahhah


          buendia ka ba

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            Just had my bill sent to my email and I found out that I have the same charges as you - the resent fee and sim replacement.


            I am just worried now that I'll be charged 4x this time since the bill was sent to me 4x also.  Well, gyera ito kung sakali...


            PS:  I have not received my bill and it's already overdue.  It's just that i have to see my bill before paying since the amount is unusual.  And I'm not on paperless billing.

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              Ako din may mga resend bill charges sa april bill ko


              eto screenshot oh



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                Inaayos ba talaga to ng globe? Nag conduct sila ng system maintenance pero bat parang mas dumami problema sa system nila. I'm sure automatic na may charge if you request for resending your bill. I think Naka program na yan sa system nila. Got my two previous bill na may resending bill charges. I will less that charges sa babayaran ko.
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                  Since March to June wala pa ako na receive na paperbill. I have two accounts, and no bill received. Yesterday (June 28, 2013) I called their hotline and requested to send my bill for my two accounts through email (late na kasi sila for three months). Nagsend sila and I received 20 copies na dapat 6 copies lang (2 accounts x 3 months). Baka naman icharge nila ako ng Php600 (Php30 x 20) for my June-July bill. Ang hirap pa naman tumawag sa hotline nila para magreklamo sa maling charges...hayst... Dapat nga walang charge yun kasi it is their fault naman that they did not deliver on time yung bills kaya nagrerequest ang customer nila to send email copy.

                  And upon checking my email, meron Php30 charge for my April-May bill. As I remembered, I requested to resend my bill through email last April but I didn't received any email and still Globe charge Php30.

                  I suggest that there should be NO charges for any resend bill through email. I can not see any logic for doing that.