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    Changing of Plan from My Super Plan 499 to Zero Out Plan 599


      I started using globe postpaid last November 2012 via My SuperPlan 499 (free bb phone). However, since most of my contacts are globe subscribers, I asked a globe agent to find an upgrade which suits my need. He offered me the zero out plan 599 and told me that I will be charge for a pre-termination fee since it is a change of plan, and additional admin fee of 500 on my next billing. I just wonder if it is a change of plan, since I asked for an upgrade with the same phone that I have. My worries will be the admin charges as well as pre-termination charges. The agent who processed my request told me that I will be charged of 550 (pre-term fee) on top of 599 and the prorated consumables  of my previous plan. the request was processed 9 days prior to my cut-off on 9 May 2013. That's why I'm a bit eager to get my billing statement for May so I can discuss it with the globe agent. Unfortunately, due to changes in the system of Globe, such billing statement is still not available.