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    Are you an Application Developer that needs SMS, Voice Calls to your app. GLOBELABS


      We invite everyone to power up your apps with voice capabilities using the Globe Labs Voice APIs (powered by Tropo). Submit your proposal via the official Voice API Challenge proposal form.

      With the Globe Labs Voice APIs (powered by Tropo), one can easily:
      » Make a Call (Incoming and Outgoing) : Have your application dial a sip address or better yet an actual phone number. You can call even more than one number or sip address with just 2 lines of code.
      » Call Control : With the API you can transfer or route a call to another phone number or sip address, reject a call without even answering or even have other callers to join in for a conference call.
      » Speech Recognition: Not just the tone touch input. The API gives your caller the capability to talk back to your application, and by simply tell the API what are the expected words as the valid answer.
      » Recording : Going beyond speech recognition, the API has the capability to transcribe the caller's responses to text and you can easily save it to your database, or perhaps record their responses in part or whole as audio files.

      Here's a brief overview of the Globe Labs - Voice API - Developer Preview via Speaker Deck

      Globe Labs - Voice API Challenge allows you to develop and commercialize your web and mobile apps, which leverage the voice to reach the majority of the Philippine market that are still uses non-smartphones. Globe Labs will help you with the tools for ease of development, showcase your application commercially and reward you.

      Joining the Globe Labs - Voice API Challenge will give you the opportunity to have your applications available to end users and be awarded P50,000*. A call for proposal is currently going on until May 6 (Monday, 11:59PM GMT +8), submission of proposal is via this the official Voice API Challenge proposal form.

      To get to know more of this search, visit Globe Labs - Voice API Challenge page, http://bit.ly/globelabs-voiceapichallenge, sample codes can be found via github.com/globelabs