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    globe superfb fake?

      sir bakit ang superfb bigla nalang nawawala pag nag upload ako ng picture hnd naman ako nag surf sa iba tapos ang resume na nya kinabukasan na hnd ko panaman na rereach ang 100mb paki sagot naman sir thanks
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          This is one of the Fair Use Policy. Are you sure you use it for mobile only? 100mb is big for a facebook mobile or http://m.facebook.com.

          The Fair use policy by globe is used to protect their subribers from unlimited abuse and to make bigger space for other person to connect to their network.
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            100mb is indeed sufficient enough for normal browsing of fb thru mobile via http://m.facebook.com. But if you are uploading many pix and you use high-end smartphones with great quality pix such as iphone, galaxy, etc. then most likely, you have reached the limit of 100mb before you know it.

            Personal experience, most pictures taken using my iphone with 8megapixels are on an average of 5mb each. Hence, 100mb allowance equals to only around 15-20pix. Unless you are using an app and the like that would downsize the mb of each picture or you are using 5megapix camera and below then you can have a little more of 20pix.

            Check also the properties of your pix and see how many mb each of them, so you would have an idea of how many mb will be used to upload them. You can also check the built in data usage meter of your phone, if you have one or you can download an app that could help you meter your usage. With regard to your situation, this is by the way applicable only if you are just using fb on your phone.