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    plan 999

      wala na bang plan 999... sabi sa globe cebu wala na daw un... bakit? gusto ko pa naman sana yung plan 999 unli surf and s3 mini na phone..
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          hi markliston. as far as i know plan 999 is still offered by Globe..

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              In the new "Best Ever My Super Plan" (Plan 999) you can


              get unlimited surfing for 999/month PLUS

              your coveted Galaxy S3 mini PLUS

              an extra Peso Value of Php 101.00 which may be consumed any way you want it OR

              20 mins of calls to Globe/TM numbers OR 5 mins, 100 sms to all local networks OR

              5 mins and 5 sms to Int'l networks.

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              Hi MarkListon, S3 Mini is FREE at Plan 999. But the Unlisurf Plan is offered as promo to some handset. However, you still can get the unlisurf uder Plan 999 for the new 'Best Ever My Super Plan as combo or booster


              How does it work:

              1. Plan 999 has equivalent 1700 peso value or consumables.

              2. S3 Mini si FREE for Plan 999 with 24 months contract, but a mandatory monthly peso value is deducted to your  consumables as payment for the handset.

              3. You can add combos and booster.


              Have fun customizing your Plan HERE

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                If you access the postpaid dropdown menu from the main page of Globe, MySuperPlan Unli Surf Combo isn't listed among the choices.

                Though if you access the plan pricing page directly http://www.globe.com.ph/postpaid/plan-pricing , you'll see that Samsung Galaxy S III Mini is listed under "Unlisurf" and is FREE at UNLI SURF COMBO 999.

                Your best bet would be to get one of their brochures and check it for yourself if indeed MySuperPlan Unli Surf Combo isn't offered at store level.

                Based on experience, sales personnel at the stores aren't that fully knowledgeable on Globe's plans.

                Hope this helps.