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    Tips on how to boost your data and network signal


      are you tired of getting GPRS or Edge data signal making it hard for you to connect to the internet? here are some essential tips on how you can boost your signal or at least make it better.


      Powercycle-- when was the last time you turned your phone off? Cant remember eh? Once in while we need to powercycle our phones. Powercycle means turning your phone off (sometimes removing the battey) then leaving it off for 3-5 minutes before turning it back on. this way, your phone will be "refreshed" and will try to connect to the best and strongest signal once turned on. 


      turn the Airplane mode on-- been wondering what this feature does? apart from its main use, this is also a great feature to refresh your signal if you do not want to powercycle your phone. it cuts your signal then reconnecting to the strongest signal in range.



      So the next time youre having issues with your signal, try doing either of these and im sure youll be surprised with the great improvement of your data and signal reception.



      Share with us your tips if you have more.