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    data charges issues?



      I would like to ask lang, since I have read alot of issues re mobile internet charges ng globe.

      Actually, ok naman lahat sa globe. i have 3 different postpaid lines na.

      Pero recently, nagkaron ng system update. so ok, mejo di pa daw tapos kaya maraming issues sa signal and etc.

      Pero ung issue na naencounter ko and upto now ay issue parin, ung super oa na internet charges.  Nakasubscribe ako sa time browsing. nagulat nalang ako na ung bill ko una umabot ng 3800php. syempre nagdispute ako, i asked na iconvert nila ung kb charging nila sa timed, pero sabi ng csr over the phone, they cannot do that daw. so it ended up, they adjusted the bill. waived ung internet charges ko.  then came another bill, same issue. i disputed again. more than 7 days na wala pa raw feedback ung credit team kasi second request ko na daw.  Aba, un nga eh. pangalawang beses na pero di parin nila inayos.  The only sentiment i have is, kung system issue talaga yan at mali ang globe, the adjustment should be immediate. obviously there is a system glitch.

      i am confident naman how i manage the usage of my phone. sa isang araw nga bihira pa ako magfb using my phone. 10-15mins lang.  kaya sabi ko, show me all the dates and time na nagconnect ako sa internet and charge me with the time browsing fee.  haayyy.. sana naman, matapos na itong dilemma ko.  on the 3rd bill, same issue.  Although I haven't seen it. the rep said, more than 5K nanaman ung bill ko kasi nacharge nanaman ako for kb browsing.  

      Magkatime lang ako, naku pupunta ako sa globe business center at dun ko na papaayos to but i want it fixed immediately. di ung 2 months gaya nung nabasa ko.

      thanks for reading this.  i am just super sad na ganito ung nangyayari sa globe :smileysad:


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          Yup its true their system has a glitch. Even their reasoning, kahit WiFi ka lang daw machacharge ka kahit naka OFF yung Data mo...asa! so dapat tanggalin ang sim during WiFI? Aside from changing the APN, any other way?  Of course kuha na lang daw kayo ng unlisurf hehe


          We have the same sentiments, i tried to experiment 5 minutes data on one time only within a month, to my surprise my bill shoot to 2000++ for data charges...i managed to have it waived..but the CSR said this will be the last time, aba natakot ako so i ask disable my data services on my account, now na!


          After a year i get a Plan 999 Unlisurf hehe..


          After 2 years, same pa rin sentiments ng mga subscribers, so is there really an action with Globe or this is just plain marketing strategy? WHo Knows.. ( being honest here )


          I overheard recently sa Globe Store, a couple was complaining on data charges eh naka WiFi naman daw sila lage sa Office tapos sa Bahay, data OFF naman daw..pero anlaki ng data charges. So the agent said, "Sorry to hear, prior to your application lahat po kami dito sinasabi namin na turn off your data kung hindi ginagamit kc mataas yung charges in case, kuha na lang po kayo ng unlisurf or pwede rin Php 99 na 50MB kung lumagpas kayo sa 50 MB don't worry may anti bill shock kami na pag umabot na ng 999 yung bill charges nyo sa data hindi na po tataas yun kahit continous pa rin kayo sa paggamit ng data' within your cut off''. May point naman Pero sa Hotline Never nila sinasabi sa New Applicant regarding data charges. Way back nung nag complain ako, sabi ng CSR, 'ganun po talaga Sir, madami na rin nagcomplain regarding data charges kc hindi daw nila alam yun'' So sabi ko " madami na pala nag complain so ano action nyo? Until now on going pa rin complain ng mga consumers nyo..'..silent lang sya hehe...


          but i stil llove Globe :smileylol:

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            I've experienced this for 3 billing charges already. It's most likely because your time browsing was shifted to kb browsing after update. Sobrang daming reklamo na din nagawa ko. I now have two 'approved' waivers of the charges that I am yet to see in my bill.

            I just pay the bill less the data charges. In effect, I still pay the VAT which is goddarn annoying. But I pay, because like what I always say to these CSRs, I'm willing to pay the charges, just give me a correct computation.

            Two CSRs I've talked to are aware of this glitch and they said that Globe is aware of the problem and that data charges will be corrected in the succeeding billings. Unfortunately, most of these CSRs do not understand the issue and would just give you ridiculous excuses. So I suggest before you go on with the complain, ask the CSR first if s/he is aware of the issue, because that will make a difference on their report, and ultimately, if the waiver will be approved. If they are not familiar with it, ask to be transferred. Nakakapagod din mang away ng mang away.

            I am now on unli surf but I'm still so traumatized by the experience that I now dread my next bill. I'm scared that the two waivers will still not be reflected and that there will still be stupid charges.

            I think this is what epitomizes a bad experienced, when it's so bad it haunts you.